How To Start Online Stock Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

How To Start Online Stock Trading: A Beginner’s Guide

Are you interested in a long-term passive investment in stocks, or you want to take part in stock trading actively? A long-term investment is necessary if you just received a windfall, and you want to go into stock trading for fun and earn some profit. 

On the other hand, active participation in stock trading is necessary if it is your only source of income. Whatever the case, you need to understand what you are getting into before starting. Here are 5 tips that can help you get started in stock trading. 

1. Get Educated On Trading

First, learn as much as possible about stock trading. There are many free online educational resources that you can use for this purpose. You can use them besides the educational resources offered by your stockbroker. 

A good brokerage site will give you access to a demo account with virtual currency that you can use to practice trading before you move to a live platform. Such a simulation account will reduce your risk of losing your investment. 

2. Find a Broker

Once you understand trading and you feel you are ready to dive in, remember you are still new to trading, you’ll need the best online stock broker for beginners with the right support and tools that can help you achieve your investment goals. If you are already into trading, you can compare online trading platforms on websites such as and pick a broker that suits your needs. 

For a beginner, your broker of choice should prioritize educational resources and customer support. Stockbrokers offer a variety of services and financial assets to their customers. The trading platform you choose should be one that is regulated and may operate in your country. That said, the platform should also be streamlined platform and user friendly and incorporates learning, analysis, and trading tools. The bottom line is to ensure the broker you choose offers all that you need. 

3. Picking The Stocks To Trade

With your account open, you’ll now be ready to invest. But before you invest, choose the stocks to invest in. Making that choice is perhaps the most difficult part of stock trading. You can start by analyzing the listed companies, look at their earning reports, SEC reports, financial filings, and external reports from qualified analysts. 

Ensure you understand what you are doing before you invest your hard-earned money on any stock. Share prices vary from company to company, and sometimes, the amount you will invest will limit your choice. Your broker should help you with as much information about the best shares to buy. 

If you had chosen the best online broker for shares, then you should have a demo account you can practice on – Consistency matters a lot. Please note it is advisable to start small and gradually build your way up. Add only money you can afford to lose and only trade when you are sure of what you are doing and can research can back it up

4. Diversify to Reduce Risks

You now know what stock trading is all about, you can spread your wings. Choose a variety of assets to invest in to reduce the risk of the poor performance of one asset hurting your overall return. Just as the saying goes “never put your eggs in one basket.” 

As a new investor, you may not invest in so many assets. Just start with two or three, and as time goes by and your earnings grow, you can diversify further. 

Nearly all the top stock brokers will offer a range of assets to choose from.

5. Keep In Contact With Other Traders

Stock trading is a journey you can never walk alone. You need some experienced traders to hold your hands. Some of the best online trading sites allow their clients to form communities in which they can interact and share ideas. You can take advantage of such channels. Alternatively, you can connect with your fellow traders through Twitter, Telegram, Medium, Discord, Chat Rooms, Skype, to name but a few.

Final Words

When you have decided to trade, approach it with an open mind knowing that making money is not guaranteed – You may lose. However, by following the right guidelines and picking the best online stock trading platformyou are already at a better start than most.

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