Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have provided answers to our most frequently asked questions. However, if the answer to your question cannot be found in our FAQ, we invite you to contact us support@whototradewith.com.

Online trading refers to buying and selling of financial securities online or through other electronic means. When trading online, it is not guaranteed that you’ll earn. You can make money in some trades and lose in others. That’s why you need to choose the best trading platform to increase your chances of making money.

Day trading and online investing aren’t the same. Day trading involves the short-term holding of securities with active management to benefit from small price changes. Online investing refers to any investment made online whether it be a short day trade or a long-term intraday trade. To succeed in either case, you need to identify the best online broker.

Yes, you can open a trading account with the many brokerage firms available online. However, in most cases, the brokerage firm will only activate your account after completing a KYC process to ensure you are the rightful owner of the account. All you need to do is Compare trading platforms and choose one that satisfies your investment needs.

All trades in financial securities must involve a broker or a dealing desk to execute your position. Either a broker will act as a direct market access DMA account or a Market maker – either way they are needed to open a position.

With a margin account, you may borrow part of the amount you need to purchase the securities. The amount you can borrow depends on the leverage ratio offered by the brokerage firm. With a cash account, there’s no borrowing.

Securities are financial instruments also referred to as financial assets. Basically, all financial assets can be traded. The financial assets that are traded include equity securities (stocks), debt securities (banknotes and bonds), and derivatives (swaps, futures, forwards, and options). The top online investment platforms provide a variety of financial instruments for their clients – each broker has a range of assets they choose to provide for trading based on their risk assessment.

A limit order is a case where you specify to your broker the price at which to buy or sell stocks. In a market order, you instruct the broker to sell the stock as soon as possible regardless of the price. The best online brokerage firms believe that a limit order is good because it protects investors against price changes.

Brokers are usually ranked according to how best they serve their customers. However, remember that those who rank brokers aren’t regulated, and they use different ranking criteria. Choose a user-friendly trading platform whose services satisfy your needs.

All forms of investment have risks, and online trading isn’t an exception. You may lose part or all your investment. You need to understand the basics of online trading before you start trading. Also, choose the best trading platform.

CFD stands for Contract For Difference. It is the difference in asset value at the time an investor enters a trade, and the time the trade is closed. When you predict well how the price will move (either up or down), you can earn. If not, you’ll lose. When dealing with trusted trading brokers, you can improve your chances of earning.

Trading in CFD gives you a broad range of products to speculate on and earn. These products include equities, global currencies (forex), energy products, agriculture, etc. You can also choose the long- or short-term trading style.

Foreign exchange, also known as forex, refers to the simultaneous buying and selling of currencies. The foreign exchange market is one of the world’s biggest markets, with a daily turnover of about $1.9 trillion. The forex market isn’t centralized and is considered an inter-trader/inter-bank or over-the-counter market. You can view the top forex brokers list from whototradewith.com and pick one.

Cryptocurrency is a virtual exchange medium that relies on cryptography (blockchain technology) to secure transactions and create its system units. Cryptocurrency exchange and market are online services that allow those with the system units to trade other cryptocurrencies or the ordinary monetary currencies.

Apart from being exchanged to earn some cash, cryptocurrency can also be used as a mode of payment. They are cheaper to use because there are no transaction fees charged. They are also faster than all other modes of payments. The value of cryptocurrencies keeps changing, and you’ll need the best broker for crypto for you to make some cash.