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What Is The Best Trading Platform In South Africa?

Once you’ve decided you want to trade, you need to choose a trading platform that will give you peace of mind. Not only that, but you also need an assurance that your investment is safe even if your broker becomes insolvent.  A brokerage is an entity you’ll entrust with the responsibility of safeguarding your account […]

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Why did Saudi Arabia buy $7.7 billion shares in the world’s best-known companies during the COVID-19 crisis

The Sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia invests over 7 billion USD in companies like BP, Boeing, Facebook, Citigroup, Bank of America (BOA), Walt Disney, Starbucks, and Pfizer. There was a mentionable investment in the cruise ship ‘Carnival’ and the concert promotion company ‘Live-nation’. This large scale investment was spearheaded by Prince Mohammed, who took […]

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